The Network for Direct Asset Issuance

XCAP is a regulated Public Permissioned Proof of Stake Network which powers a new toolset of Open Financial Market Infrastructure.

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The Regulated Blockchain where on-chain assets thrive

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Trusted Participants Only

XCAP's Public Permissioned Network only allows regulatory compliant financial assets

Traditional, Alternative, and Digital Assets
Tokenised ISIN Security certificates can be issued directly onto the XCAP Network with regulatory compliant ERC1400 token contracts. Assets are legally structured and tokenised through RainFin, into Actively Managed Certificates (AMC), Credit Linked Notes (CLN), and Tracker Certificates.
Verified Asset Issuers
This network adheres to a Proof of Stake model, that requites new validators be voted in by a majority of existing validators, all of whom must be licensed Financial Service Providers (FSPs) in their respective regions, ensuring a secure and permissioned validator structure.  The network commenced with an initial set of four validators, each managed by an independent FSP. It is now in the process of incorporating additional independent validators, including banks, stock exchanges, credit providers, and other FSPs.
Regulated Validators
The validators on the XCAP Network are not incentivized through transaction verification rewards. Instead, they generate revenue based on the services they provide on the network. As such, GAS tokens on this network do not possess economic value but serve to ensure that only registered and KYC-compliant users can execute transactions. This unique model provides a mechanism for automatically removing a misbehaving validator, who would also face additional legal repercussions given their status as known, regulated financial service providers.
Total Asset Market Cap
Number of KYC’d Wallets
Number of Assets
Number of Transactions
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Bank Grade Security

Our security systems exceed industry standards. With XCAP, you can have peace of mind.

Private Key Custody
Security is of utmost priority for XCAP, which is why it is built around a bank grade secure private key custody model on a secure permissioned network to ensure that any tokens held by users are controlled by individually unique private keys controlling each user’s unique wallet address on the XCAP Network.
Licensed and Regulatory Compliant
Closed-loop Public Permissioned Network for the tokenisation and transacting with licensed FSP services for retail users, with full KYC/AML/CFT compliance and statutory reporting.
Platform Certifications
PCI DSS compliant, NIST Cybersecurity Framework aligned, Individual user Private Key Custody platform trusted by Banks.


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